Veggie Box
Veggie Box
Veggie Box

Farmer's Choice

Let the farmers choose the best quality of veggies for you.

Kid's Menu

Having difficulty making your children eating veggie?

No worries! We are here to help to make the kid's menu flavorful and healthy veggies.

Juice Up Your Day

Start your day with a fresh and healthy juice. With Chemical Pesticide-Free (CPF) and Ozone Pre-washed Veggie and Fruits, you have worry-free to consume the juice.

Veggie for Detox

the purpose of detox is to clean-up the toxic from your body by using Chemical Pesticide-Free (CPF) and Ozone Pre-wash Veggie and Fruits, you have to worry about another type of toxic.


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You can still add-on veggie by clicking this link:

  • FREE Ozone Pre-washed
  • This veggie pack consist of 10 types of veggie
  • The veggie listt subject to change base on the availability and freshness upon delivery