Monthly Subscription for Premium Veggie & Fruit Pack, Recurring: RM312/Mth. Deposti RM200
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  • Monthly Subscription for Premium Veggie & Fruit Package
  • 4 Deliveries/mth of 15 Types (OR) RM85 worth of Veggie Per Delivery
  • Recurring Payment: RM312/Mth.
  • Deposti RM200
  • Current Promo
    • Subscribe 12 momths ( 4 deliveries per week)  and get 1 month FREE on top of 20% discount on monthly payment = RM249/mt
    • Subscribe 6 months to get 10% discount on monthly payment = RM279/mt

Hassle-Free Now With Farm To Home Delivery Monthly Subscription

  • Free Delivery
  • Free Pre-wash with Ozone water (optional)
  • FREE extra 10% worth of veggie selections


Monthly Package as below:

Monthly Premium Package: RM312/mth
(Worth RM78+/- of Veggies/Frozen Fish Per week for 4 deliveries) (Note: Max up to RM85 per week) 



  • Miniumum 12 Months Subscription
  • Refundable Deposit RM200 are required upon registration


How to Register

  1. Add this item into cart and proceed to payment for a refundable deposit of RM200 with your delivery details 
  2. Subscribe to the recurring payment here  https://app.senangpay.my/payment/164105159318  and whatsapp the transaction to 
    +60 18-284 1140                                                                               
  3.  For Farmer's Choice Customer, please put in comment which day you want us to deliver to you everyweek.
    • For Make Your Own Veggie Pack Customer, After subscription and payment, upon confirmation, we will give you a promo Coupon Code specially for you, that will allow you to deduct the value of the veggie box after you select your veggie, valid to use for the amount of delivery time of your package


The weekly selection for Veggie Box includes:

  • FTHD Veggie Selection
    1. Chemical Pesticide Free (CPF)
    2. Carbon Veggie (CV)
    3. Local Veggie
    4. Imported Veggie
    5. Pre-packed Veggie
  • Pre-set Veggie Box
  • Local Fruits
  • Some dried Stuff
  • Frozen Fish

Any veggie selection above the value of your veggie box value or other categories beside the categories mentioned above are payable. 


Extra Delivey Charges:

Zone 1: -

Zone 2: add on RM16/mth

Zone 3: add on RM28/mrh


What's in the box

Farmer's Choice Premium Pack


"Make Your Own" Premium Pack