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This is not CPF



  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE Ozone Pre-washed (Optional)
  • This veggie pack consist of 15 types of veggie
  • The veggie listt subject to change base on the availability and freshness upon delivery 
  • If you add on other items, there will be delivery charges that will be rebare to you once order comp.  




- Store credit will be updated within 24 hours after payment made

- not appllicable with any promo, promo code or purchase with strore credit. 

- Store Credit are not available for purchasing Partners/other Merchants product


- This pack is sufficient for 3 - 4 pax

- Thiese are all raw ingredients 

- These pack does not contain meat, anchovies and cooking cream/milk

- Pleaaw refer to our FB page for recipe


- Alll ingredients are pre-washed with Biolux Ozone water

- Good for 3 - 4 portion

- This sauce pack does not include mince meat and cheese