Pre-Pack Ingredients For Favourite Dishes
Pre-Pack Ingredients For Favourite Dishes
Pre-Pack Ingredients For Favourite Dishes

Want to cook your favourite dishes or soup but don't know what ingredients to use?

Out of idea what to cook for dinner? 

Worried no more. We have pre-packed ingredients for your favourite dishes, with the right amount of ingredients you need for your favourite dishes.

Note that certain veggies are pre-cut and pre-washed with ozone water and certain are not, depends on applicable situation. 



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This is a pre-pack veggie for Asaam Fish. 

It does not come with Fish and Milk. 



- This pack is sufficient for 3 - 4 pax

- Thiese are all raw ingredients 

- These pack does not contain meat, anchovies and cooking cream/milk

- Pleaaw refer to our FB page for recipe


Try thIs mouth watering delicious dishes at home. 

With Beacon chicken, even the chicken wing now you will feel more safe to eat.


- Chef recipies

- Pre-washed with Biolux Ozone Water

- Pre-cut and ready to cook


This package contains only veggie and fish paste seperately, you need to spread the fish paste on the cut veggie directly before fried


Check out the instruction here.

  •  Pre-washed with Biolux Ozone water 


With the same ingredients you can make:

- Grill Salmon Steak and Veggie

- Pan Fried Salmon Steak with Mix Veggie Salad

- Baked Salmon Steak with Veggie