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Beacon Seaweed Chicken
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This is a control price item by Beacon Hospital. Thus not applicable to any promo, voucher nor purchase with store credit.  Pre order need to be made at least 2 or 3 days earlier.  This item is also not entitle for delivery rebate unless your more than 60% of your purchase are veggies. 

100% Natural Chicken from Beacon Hospital's own farm. 


- No antibiotics, 
- No hormones, 
- No chemical,
- No heavy metal
- Use blast freezing technology to maintain the quality
- Healthier and more safe to consume


Seaweed Chicken
1.5kg +/- RM25
1.8kg +/- RM28


Seaweed Free Range Chicken (Kampung Chicken)

1.3kg +/- RM30
1.5kg +/- RM38 (Sold out)
1.8kg +/- RM42 (Sold out)


For cut parts, please refer to variants.


Note 1: The weight stated above is after processed with no head, leg, and feet.

Note 2: 
It is called Seaweed Chicken because the chicken is mainly fed with seaweed (not the flavor).

Note 3: If there is no option in the selection as stated means out of stock